When the September issues drop, the fashion freaks tend to lose their shit. Their minds turn to mush and their hands shake with delight as they lick their fingers and drag glossy page after glossy page to the left. It’s one of the rare times in today’s society that swiping in that direction is considered a positive thing.

A few of these issues have landed in my mailbox but there was only one that actually excited me. I bestow this honor to Details, a publication recently rumored to face big changes by possibly merging with brother publication GQ.
Even with scary rumors now making the rounds, the men’s luxury fashion book booked 31 male models to create a pretty epic cover. The male models included were Will Chalker (aka The Perfect One), Clement Chabernaud (The One You Take Up Smoking Cigarettes For), David Agbodji (The Heartbreaker), Jon Kortajarena (The One You Take Up Smoking Crack For) and Gabriel Aubry (The Celebrity Tabloid Fixture). Missing were the likes of David Gandy (The Icon), Corey Baptiste (The Flawless One) and Rob Evans (The One You Exercise With…and For) but the cover is spectacular nonetheless.
Mark Seliger, the publication’s favorite photographer, did a bang up job of capturing some of the best in garbs from major brands like Tom Ford and Balmain as well as cool-kid options courtesy of Public School and Alexander Wang.

Watch this behind-the-scenes video where you get to see that all models were present for The Shot and hold your breath as you watch each of them give their best Blue Steel all at the same time. It’s enough to make your head explode.

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