Demi Lovato’s “Tell Me You Love Me” Album Review

demi lovato album review


Overall Impact

demi lovato album review

When Demetria Devonne dropped “Sorry Not Sorry,” the lead single from her brand new album, Tell Me You Love Me, I was immediately on board. It was another fun Pop track from one of my favorite underrated popstars. It was sassy, sexy and believable (take notes Selena, Katy, Taylor, etc.). Then she hit us with two immaculate vocal performances courtesy of “Tell Me You Love Me” and “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore.”

After hearing each track for the first time, I was so shook that I could hardly focus on whatever task was in front of me. I needed to catch my breath! Demi’s voice never sounded better and I realized that she wasn’t just striving for that Grammy, she was determined to show the world she was not just a good singer but one of the best voices in her generation.

There was a slight stumble with “Sexy Dirty Love” and I began to get nervous for the rest of the album. This track was pure déchets! Des ordures! Poubell!

English translation: GARBAGE. 

Rising from my bed this morning, I did some morning stretches and remembered I was in for a quadruple album treat from Demi, Miley Cyrus, Tamar Braxton and one of the most exciting voices of the last couple of years hailing from the UK, BETSY. I fired up my Spotify, skipped over the first four tracks of Tell Me You Love Me and immediately jumped into the unfamiliar.

“Ruin The Friendship,” rumored to be about Nick Jonas, is my choice for the album’s standout track.  The pair have been friends for years so maybe she’s transferring her desire for a romantic relationship onto him? Maybe she’s legitimately in love with him. Either way, this song works so well because it is so relatable. Most of us have experienced some type of “friend lust” throughout our years of friendships and even if nothing comes from it, listeners can easily connect with what she’s singing.

Side note: if I were a songwriter, I’d pen a track called “Friend Lust” with lyrics like Say it’s more than just a crush / I just call it – call it friend lust. Do I smell a song of the summer contender?

The album’s other standout track, “Only Forever,” is also meant to be about Jonas. “Ready For Ya,” a bonus track co-written by Lovato and Jonas, could have easily replaced a handful of bullshit tracks on the album. Be it sexual desires or simply a fantastic friendship, their chemistry has contributed to three of Tell Me You Love Me‘s strongest songs.

After finishing the album, the most consistent thing about Tell Me You Love Me is that Demi really goes for it. She absolutely nails it on a handful of tracks while others left me frustrated since they didn’t reach their full potential for me. She should still be applauded for her efforts, though. The production was mature and polished which helped this become Demetria’s first “adult Pop” album. “Sexy Dirty Love” and “Games” should never have seen the light of day but Tell Me You Love Me still holds up as a solid Pop record that she should be proud of.

Demi Lovato’s growth as a vocalist, songwriter and performer have gotten so strong over the last couple of years. She still has a distance to travel before being able to produce the record she will remembered for. I suppose Tell Me You Love Me will hold me over until it comes along.

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