No, I’m not in grade school. Yes, I want to lug around a backpack.

Herschel Supply Co., what have you done to me? Herschel Supply Co., I thought that I had graduated from the backpack. Herschel Supply Co., you have lured me back in with your classic navy backpack ($39.99) and I am already ready to turn my back on you.

I clearly remember what I did with the last backpack I owned. It was the night before my college graduation and I was finishing up packing things up as I would be moving out fairly soon after graduation. With Gaga’s debut album playing from my speakers, I glanced down at this basic backpack. It sent shivers down my spine.

“Let’s have some fun! This beat is sick!” Gaga sang.

This backpack was no fun so I grabbed it roughly with both hands like it was some hooligan trying to steal my mother’s purse and threw it against the wall. I picked it up from the floor and carried it out to the kitchen where I slammed it into the garbage can. I came back into my room and switched to Britney Spears vowing to never be caught dead with a backpack again for as long as I lived.

Naturally, I rebelled even after seeing an influx in backpacks wearers in the city. However, during an accidental online shopping experience a few months ago, I may or may not have added a backpack in my cart and quickly hit “Confirm Purchase” before I could really think. It arrived, I wore it and I began craving another.

I began craving a Herschel Supply Co. backpack. Simple. No fuss. Fairly inexpensive. Good for the winter because I can toss it on and stuff my hands in my pockets while I walk to the train station which seems even further away the colder it gets. At the time of publication, I do not own one of these backpacks but I already know that I will before we ring in the new year.

Damn it.

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