Ciara Princess Harris is easily one of the most beautiful women on the planet. “Stunning” and “muse-worthy” come to mind when you look at her damn-near flawless face (Exhibit A). Add in the fact that she knows how to move her body like a piece of animation (Exhibit B) and you realize the possibilities as to what the body can do are limitless…but just not for you.

How I think I look walking to the train…after two bottles of wine.

So, why isn’t she one of the biggest R&B singers of her generation? People compare her to Janet Jackson because of her dedication to dance but they seem to leave out the fact that both women have fairly weak vocal ranges. Let’s be honest for a moment: Janet has hit us with some powerful songs but one of her strengths has always been as a performer. Not her voice. The same could be said with Madonna. Or Britney. Or Taylor. Or Rihanna.

See where I’m going with this?

Unfortunately, the only performer out of this batch that hasn’t danced her way to a different level is Ciara. Maybe it’s because she just seems disingenuous with almost everything she presents to the world? Beyonce would fall into the same category of “Heavily Calculated Popstars” but her voice is fucking brilliant so she gets a pass. Either way, Ciara still looks better than all of them.

ciara gorgeous
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You were saying?

Despite all of her failures, Ciara continues to roll that body through music videos in hopes that it’ll catch on and I’m hoping it does. She was off to a good start, lost her way and came back this year with a subpar lead single from her current subpar album. However, she has released “Dance Like We’re Making Love,” one of the best songs from the album and arguably one of her best singles in the last decade. It reminds me so much of Michael and Janet in the best way and the minute I heard this song, my tongue started wagging at the sheer thought of choreography Ciara could put to the track.

The music video has been released. The dancing is amazing. I have watched it way too many times already. Ciara is a goddess. Please, let her live.

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