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Mother Nature has been one tricky bitch this winter, hasn’t she? She takes forever in bringing the cold then loses all chill by slapping us with a blizzard only to bring the temperature back up into the low-50s just weeks later. If this isn’t a sign that she’s the queen of hormonal indecisiveness, I don’t know what is.

While she figures things out on her end, I’ve decided to have some fun with getting dressed each day by I’m dancing right in the middle of what’s appropriate for the season. ?? For my look below, I chose tried-and-true style pieces for men across the globe: a white tee, navy trousers and, of course, Chuck Taylor’s.

I actually based the entire look around my sneakers. I’ve never really known exactly how to style my Chuck’s but this weekend I reminded myself as to why I felt compelled to own this shoe in the first place: it was because it’s a classic! That’s when I knew pairing these Chuck’s with other classic pieces would be the best way to go.

After taking these photos with my Canon T2i and 24mm f/2.8 STM wide angle lens, I was definitely feeling myself and thank goodness for that. I had a coffee date with a dear friend which which took place at the NoHo location of La Colombe. Good god, that place was overflowing with super stylish bodies!

how to wear chuck taylors high topshow to wear chuck taylors high topshow to wear chuck taylors high tops– Coat: H&M – T-Shirt: Fruit of the Loom – Belt: Zara – Trousers: Zara – Sneakers: Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star Classic

On a side note, I have to talk about being a creative for a hot second. On a recent work trip, I executed a one-man photo shoot in my hotel room during some down time and a colleague remarked how she couldn’t figure out if it was sad that I was taking my own photo.

I looked at her and said “It’s not sad. It’s awesome.”

If you have the capacity to get the job done, why wait for someone else to do it? There’s a chance that they might not show up and suddenly you’re left with an incomplete task. Be bold with your talents and do things on your own terms. Understand that you will need help at some point on your journey but to constantly wait for others to get in formation will only slow you down.

Time is too valuable a resource to waste.

That’s why I took my camera around the corner from apartment, set up my tripod, snapped somewhere between 50 – 60 images, went back to my apartment, made my selects, edited said selects and then dashed out the door to meet my friend all in a little over an hour.


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