This Ivy League Lecturer Is Now a Fashion Designer

Carlos Garciavelez is no ordinary man. No, no. He’s as smart as he is handsome. In 2012, the Mexican-born architect received the Druker Traveling Fellowship from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, is currently a Lecturer at the school and even published a book, Between Geometry and Geography: Mexico City, at the start of 2015. Impressed? Me, too. But that’s not all. 2015 also saw Carlos launching GARCIAVELEZ, his own menswear brand that wants to “deliver comfortably tailored clothing” for a “sophisticated, curious man in constant search of inspiration through life’s travels.” But what inspires him? Carlos says it’s being nude and wet.


Okay, you got me! He actually said sensations like getting out of the shower but I wasn’t technically wrong in how I presented what stimulates him. It is apparent that Carlos enjoys mental stimulation considering he decided to make the transition from architect to fashion designer. What did he say was the most challenging part about the shift? Deciding one day to make a collection that he would present…in six months. For someone with minimal clothing design experience, that is an almost unfathomable idea but Carlos Garciavelez doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

The story of his career path is undoubtedly very interesting and there was one thing that Carlos said in his interview with Forbes‘ Joseph De Acetis that helps you understand him just a little bit better. “Everybody who has an idea or a drive to do something can do it.

If you’re wondering if Mexico is proud of you, Carlos, don’t worry about it. I have a strong feeling that they are.

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