When I worked at a fashion magazine, I quickly learned how you cannot cheat anything. You will be inspected from head-to-toe in the blink of an eye and it will happen on a daily basis. Do you remember that scene in The Devil Wears Prada wear Andy talks back for the first time and Miranda gives her the one-over, stops at her shoes, cringes and dismisses her? I had a very similar experience in a meeting where someone high up was trying to give an example of loving something I was wearing and looked me up and down twice before finally saying “Uh…I love your…jeans.” I noticed how he stopped for more than a few seconds on my scuffed and stained leather boots that had definitely seen better days but I was under the impression that their wear-and-tear made them look better. Unfortunately, in that moment, it felt like they had been placed over a blazing fire while African pinching ants ascended my legs. I wanted to die and that was when I think I finally realized how important footwear played in one’s daily ensemble.

Yeah, if you dream of working at a fashion magazine, go ahead and get your list of positive affirmations ready now because you will need to recite at least seven to yourself throughout each day to keep from jumping out of a window.

Excuse the pun but from that moment on, thoughts of shoes continuously ran through my mind. I’ve been a huge fan of fast fashion and still am but I’ve noticed that with there truly are some things you need to splurge on. My Oliver Sweeney brogues still look great years after I got them and makes me believe that the $300 price tag might actually correlate with quality.

So, I have begun to tinker with the wiring upstairs in my head to help me save my coins and put them towards less purchases that are still big. Now, don’t go thinking that I’m referring to a pair of John Lobb loafers…yet. The first on my list of non-fast-fashion shoes was a pair of Calvin Klein oxfords ($160).

Doesn’t it just look like a shoe you could see some skinny fashion twink wearing as he pounds the streets of SoHo looking for a sugar daddy? I’m neither skinny or a fashion twink (no comment on the sugar daddy) but the shoe definitely attracted me as well. The black/brown/black combo was what sealed the deal for me. It’ll be the first thing I test drive from the Calvin Klein brand and I’m hoping for wild, unashamed success. Yes, that’s a bit dramatic but what’s life without some over-the-top BS?

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