The magnificent thing with Christopher Bailey is his ability to translate a singular idea for Burberry‘s male and female consumer. One gender pops up in the other’s runway presentation which helps create a unified brand vision. That is why Bailey should be considered a master at creating clothing and he seriously knocked it out of the park this time.

For Burberry Prorsum’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection titled “Strait-Laced,” Bailey gave me a modern 60s vibe with the heavy use of lace, a fairly matte color palette and scarves that wrap around the necks but are still long enough to damn near sweep the floor.

With the addition of a deep scoop neck knit layered over a buttoned up woven, there was a familiarity with the styling but things never get stale. Bailey continued to surprise with a shockingly attractive caban in unlined starch lace, thin lace tops paired with tailored jackets and sweatpants in favor of the traditional trouser. Jackson Hale (Soul Artist Management) and Serge Rigvava (Elite Models) were two faces that stood out on the runway in looks that were every bit elegant and casual as the overall collection. During the finale walk, I couldn’t help but imagine Mark Ronson wearing something (or everything) from this collection on his international travels and just shutting. It. Down.

Seriously. If I ever win the lottery, I know exactly what I’ll do with the money. I’ll Bruce Lee my student loans in the face, buy residential and commercial property in both Manhattan and Paris, hire a personal trainer to tone my body, enlist the help of a dietician so the weight stays off and then fly a private jet into England where I would hunt Christopher down and pay him an absurd amount of money to style me in nothing but Burberry.

This, my darlings, is a true story.

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