Photographer Joachim Mueller-Ruchholtz shoots Ashley Smith of Models 1 in all her Prada wearing gap-toothed glory for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 issue of DANSK magazine.
It can be cute, this whole gap thing, but I’m already not a huge fan of the heavy, labored breathing look models have with their mouths hanging open so this just makes me look into another open space and it makes me want to run away. 


Despite that, I am getting increasingly excited for this new issue set to hit stands on February 3. I wish I could have given a little teaser preview of some inside content for everyone but maybe next time!


PS, I think my mom had a pair of sunglasses
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back in the early 90s that look just like those Cacharel frames Ashley dons.
*Sigh* If only my 6 year old self would have known to save them!

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