One rainy night in Brooklyn, I’m curled up in an oversized chair in a restaurant. Across from me is my best friend clutching a glass of whiskey. He’s just broken up with some girl and is feeling a bit under the weather about it. After talking through his emotions, he tells me he thinks it might be fun if he and I took a trip especially since my birthday was on the horizon.

“I’ve got a bunch of airline¬†points so I was thinking I could give them to you for your birthday?”

Um…yes, please!

It didn’t take us long to settle on San Francisco since neither of us had ever been. Almost as soon as we touched down, I knew that I was in love. It was easily one of my favorite places to film in. From the colorful Carnaval street parade to the mundane act of taking public transportation, I never felt like I was wasting my Canon camera battery with what I was capturing.

After watching the video, click over to read more about my trip in the “San Francisco, Are You My New Home?” post. I also put my photographer’s hat on again which always brings me such joy.