Okay, everybody. Brace yourselves for what I’m about to say: summer is over. I know! Cue the dramatic meltdowns of a million beach bunnies and dig out that consoling cookie dough ice cream.

Actually…I’ll take cookie dough ice cream over a day getting sand grains stuck in my forbidden places any day. Now, Fall doesn’t officially start until Thursday, September 22 but we might as well just dive in head first, right? We don’t do no mucking around in these parts. This is New York City!

In anticipation of the oncoming chilly weather (which I freakishly crave and adore), I’ve partnered with Banana Republic (yes, I was compensated) to show off some of their latest and greatest pieces. These include a thin crewneck sweater, two wovens and a quilted vest. For those who aren’t extremely familiar with BR’s fits, let me drop some knowledge for you really quickly. I have what could be considered more of an athletic build (minus an athlete’s muscle mass) so the Camden shirts are a much more comfortable fit. The Grant is a slimmer fit and while I could fit into a size small, it definitely made me more conscious of my body.

For the shoot, I decided to take advantage of my neighborhood in South Slope. I tried three different locations and hated every shot so by the time the fourth setup came, I was concerned that this shoot would be a total failure. However, I always feel more relaxed when taking my photograph sitting in some manner and the images captured were much more what I was aiming for. Despite the fact that I struggled to get to the end result, the bright side was that I have a more nuanced relationship with 4th Avenue.

Shout out to noted photographer Brandon Haas for agreeing to photograph me. I know you were originally booked to shoot a Vogue editorial. ?

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