Songs To Get You Hype This Autumn

thursday's journal music

thursday's journal music

Maybe it’s the thought of wearing layers or the idea that another crazy year is gearing up for its grand exit but Autumn has always held an incredibly special place in my heart. As a kid, it was the chance to return to school new and more confident. As an adult, I still feel like a caterpillar who has been quietly brewing up some plans in my cocoon and am now ready to shed it to emerge as a captivating butterfly.

And you know a butterfly needs a dope playlist for his exciting and at times scary new adventure. Enter the Autumn Audio Spotify playlist that I have created which is already 60+ tracks strong! Seriously. This season inspires me like nobodies business.

In this playlist, you will hear the old (Grace Jones, Madonna and…Beyonce) sing¬†with the new (Troye Sivan, Raury and Jimi Charles Moody). The happy follow the horny follow the depressed and then back again. Lorde gets revenge while Kat Graham and Babyface moan about kinky secrets. The Autumn Audio playlist crosses genres because let’s be honest! Life is always more exciting with some variety.

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