One thing that is still very real for today’s consumer is the fear of losing what you once thought was yours. For so many homeowners, the term “foreclosure” is enough to keep them up at night. I am sure it was with this fear-instiller in mind that Ramin Bahrani and Amir Naderi called upon many times during the writing process of the upcoming Drama/Thriller, 99 Homes. The film, also directed by Bahrani and “inspired” by true events, stars Hayden Christensen. Wait, no. It stars Andrew Garfield! Yes, Andrew Garfield. The one that’s sorta with Emma Stone.

Don’t give me side-eye. Oh, because YOU can tell them apart? I didn’t bloody think so.

In the film, Garfield plays Dennis Nash, a young father who is struggling and (wait for it) loses his home to foreclosure. See how my introductory paragraph prepared you for this shocking revelation? As his life begins to crash and burn, it appears that Dennis Nash has found a way to reclaim a sliver of dignity by going to work for Rick Carver, played by the hunky Michael Shannon. Naturally, Rick Carver is a shady ass mofo and draws Nash into his seedy world with the prospect of earning money to reclaim his family home. “When you work for me, you’re mine,” Carver seemingly says to Nash.

Desperate man + sketchy White man in a suit = inevitable cinematic drama

The film also stars Laura Dern who is just like…

You just know from watching the trailer that one of these two guys has to die before the credits roll but I just wonder which way the writers chose to go. Have the “good” guy die and turn him into a martyr or have the “bad” guy die so that the audience can feel like they’re getting one over on the white-collar crooks of America. No matter which way they leaned, I am interested in seeing the end results of a man losing his way in more ways than one.

99 Homes is scheduled to be released September 25, 2015.

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