“If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” We’ve been told this since we were children…but we’re still some hating ass people! Don’t get all sensitive about it, either. You’re a hater and so am I.

Outside of downright cruelty towards others, a hater only becomes an issue when their negative energy is aimed directly towards us, right? On a normal day, watching someone else get hated on might even make you feel good. You’re glad someone is letting that annoying co-worker have it…unless it’s you on the receiving end!

Listen to me right now. We’ve all had people throw shade at us for one reason or another. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will. When that glorious day arrives and you finally stumble across a hater, here are 6 ways to deal with them.

calvin-walker-writer#1 Remove Yourself

If all someone seems to be focused on is trying to tear you down, remove yourself from that situation. In the office? No worries. Go grab some water, pop over to someone’s desk to ask them the question you were gonna email them or simply take a quick break outside to center yourself.

No matter what you choose, remember to allow yourself a moment to breathe. Acknowledge the negative energy you feel and let it exit your body with each exhale.

#2 Know Your Truth

When you’ve got someone trying to drag you, know you’re truth and stand confidently in it. We all have our own journey’s but we also share one common truth: we are exceptional. No matter what your job, economic status or influence is, know that you are phenomenal just as you are. No punk with a sharp tongue can ever change that.

This is your truth. Never forget it.

#3 Build a Thick Skin

Look at the world we live in. We have a legitimate idiot occupying the White House who is hell bent on ruining all of our lives. It is imperative to build a thick skin.

Make this a part of your armor. It will come in handy when faced with negative people. This isn’t my way of saying accept the hate. Just learn how to better manager your emotions, be it anger or sadness, whenever you encounter it. Don’t let the bastards get ya down.

#4 Ice Them Out

Revenge is a dish best served cold. When someone attempts to rain on your parade, ice them out. Refuse to respond. Look right through them. Start talking to someone else.

They still might have a snarky remark ready for you but they’ll also feel a little ping of uncertainty inside. Nothing irks a hater more than being ignored.

#5 Never Conform

Some haters always seem to know what you need to do to become a better person, right? As Nicki Minaj so brilliantly explained in her 2010 documentary My Time Now, if you accept the pickle juice, that’s all they’ll give you. You know you’re worth more than pickle juice so don’t drink the goddamn pickle juice!

Translation? Never conform to an idea of yourself which is delivered from the mouths of others (OMG I just got deep).

#6 Give It Right Back

Go to YouTube and type “shady divas.” You’ll get video after video of contemporary pop stars at their worst (translation: at their best!!). Take notes. Study their nuances. Learn something from this! And then when the time is right, slip your shady jacket on and get to work.

This is my favorite method of dealing with haters because I’m petty like that.

So what?