At this point in the game, 80% of what can be shared on social media is no longer original. That means one needs to try and go the extra mile to make the normal posting seem fresh and exciting especially when it comes to the very visual platform we know as Instagram. I struggle with creating a steady stream of fun content just like tons of big brands. So, how do you stand out from the crowd when there are 300+ million other Instagram users thinking the exact same thing you are?


Find inspiration in others and steal what seems to be working for them.

If you crave beauty and a quick glimpse into an aspirational lifestyle, all you need to do is double tap your way into the daily purging of the fashion crowd. From the model-turned-photographer to the watercolor illustrator, these 13 industry insiders are pumping out the type of content that will no doubt leave you crippled with feelings of inadequacy as you scroll through your Instagram feed each morning.


But that’s where the inspiration comes into play! Right? So, use the right arrow on your keyboard to browse through 13 fashion Instagram accounts you should probably be following.


If nothing else, at least use their profiles as a way to verbally get out any pent up aggression before you head into the office.

Steven Onoja is, in plain English, really fucking stylish. It doesn’t matter if he’s in a suit or a t-shirt, the Nigerian-born-NYC-based creative manages to look like he’s been plucked from an editorial in each post he shares. Even outside of his personal style, he is a master at curating what looks to be a very stylish life.

More #uno please ! @mrmatadin always ready for a major game of uno! Kisses iv   A photo posted by Inezvinoodh (@inezvinoodh) on

 Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin are a super cool photography duo that I first came to know while working at Pier 59 Studios. One day, I found myself helping get things prepared for their son’s birthday party in one of the studios. Don’t ask. Either way, just one glance at their feed will show you he’s clearly a muse for his incredibly talented mother.

wet hot american summer A photo posted by kari anne devereaux (@kari_devereaux) on


When I first met Kari Devereaux, she had just arrived in New York City from the West Coast, loved Lana Del Rey and oozed youth. Over the years, homegirl has blossomed into a retro sex kitten who continues to impress with her photography skills even outside of her Instagram account. If you’re a fan of Wet Hot American Summer, this is the account for you.

BTS yesterday. Back to the city ✌   A photo posted by Max Papendieck Photography (@maxmoments) on


Next up on the list is Max Papendieck, another soul who has blossomed over the years since our paths first crossed in the city. After posing for a Pier 59 Studio’s photo shoot and an interview for That Fashion Dude, Max has since stepped behind the camera to transform into the ultimate burgeoning camera snapper. After years of modeling, it’s only natural that he start capturing these beautiful moments on his own. Heads up, he’s doing a fine job as well. 

It’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Need I say more? Didn’t think so.

[ Bridging the Gap ••• Squad w/ @leonbridgesofficial @joekenneth_ @travisgumbs #rogwalker ] photo by @rambo #vsco A photo posted by Joshua Kissi (@streetetiquette) on

Joshua Kissi, one half of Street Etiquette, has helped build a brand that stemmed from street style but evolved into a creative hub. Everything that gets posted could almost double as an advertisement and when I realize they aren’t…it makes me want to delete my entire Instagram account. This happens 96.3% of the time I see a new post go up on Kissi’s feed.

Finally! Thank you @retromarine & @_anaeder_ for my new swim trunks! #lovethem #color #vintagecool   A photo posted by Xavi Menós (@imxavimenos) on

During my time working on Project Runway, I met this ball of energy photographer, Xavi Menos. At first, I didn’t realize why he was on set because he wasn’t a Lifetime photographer nor did he work for the production company. I soon found out that he’s actually in charge of Nina Garcia’s social presence. And Shakira’s. And he’s gorgeous…but don’t tell him I told you that. Xavi does a great job of balancing what feel like real life moments with absolutely stunning images of scenery around New York and the world.

Morning! Coffee. You? What’s on your table today? #blueisthewarmestcolor #atpb #easthampton A photo posted by tamumcpherson (@tamumcpherson) on

Tamu McPherson runs All the pretty birds and rose to fashion fame thanks to her street style. However, you’re not overwhelmed with that type of content on her account. After a few minutes of scrolling, you just feel like smiling. Tamu’s Instagram feed is so positive which can be quite rare to find with this crowd. Yes, you see tons of smiling faces but when you’re with Tamu, you actually believe her smile.

Richard Haines is the fantastic illustrator behind the popular blog, What I Saw Today, but he also isn’t afraid of a little skin…on male models, that is. He’s also done various erotic series but is still most known for his work with the sartorial crowd. I even got my sketch done by him. PROOF.

Matthew Miller, better known as Sunflowerman, is clearly included in the next generation of great fashion illustrators. All of his stuff is dope with a capital D but I am truly impressed with the art he creates on the pages of books. It pains me to see the destruction of a book but when it is done in such a creative way, I can do nothing but applaud the outcome.

?????   A photo posted by Joan Smalls (@joansmalls) on

Joan Smalls. Goddess. Just drink her in for a little bit before clicking through to the next Instagram account.

Good morning! Only 3 more days until holidays!   A photo posted by Matthew Zorpas (@matthewzorpas) on

I’m going to take Tyra’s lead here and say I have one thing to say to you, Matthew Zorpas: kiss my fat ass! Seriously. Zorpas, founder of The Gentleman Blogger, will make you want to eat until you’re fully ashamed of yourself. In addition to a hefty amount of stylish snaps, he also has equally attractive posts of appetizing meals. He even posted an image of CARBS. He knows he’s wrong for that. Dead wrong.


Laura Brown, Harper’s BAZAAR‘s Executive Editor, is the epitome of kooky in the absolute best way. Once, she breezed into the “office space” I was in, saddled up next to me and asked if I would touch her leather pants to confirm that they “felt like butter.” I was a newbie on the team and politely declined but she persisted so I gently dragged my right index finger down a few inches of her  leg and nervously confirmed that they really did feel like butter. Long story short: Laura Brown has a lovely spirit and is always ready to poke fun at something or herself. It’s a combination that makes her account quite possibly the easiest to follow on this entire list.


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