i repeat: don't touch my hair

Solange said it best. Now it's my turn.
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Photographing My "Last" Spring in NYC

Before moving away from New York City in the Spring of 2018, I swung by one of my favorite neighborhoods to photograph a few spots that are quintessential spots that bring me joy…and frustration.

Look Who Returned to YouTube

Here’s the thing: I love video. This affinity goes beyond just consumption as well. I love making video, too. That’s why I’ve resurrected my YouTube channel. Oh, what a happy day!

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A Week In: Seinabo Sey’s “I’m A Dream” Album Review

Younger people often get chastised for being melodramatic, don't they? "You haven't lived enough to know the blues," an older person might groan. But have they forgotten how intense their emotions were at our age? Isn't their disdain for our expressiveness just...